Thursday, February 4, 2016

Underground civil defense vault Dukla, Havířov (Czech Republic)

Fallout shelter in former Dukla coal mine (Havířov city, Czech Republic) was built at the beginning of 1960s. Planning began in 1954, and the vault was built between 1960 and 1962. The vault was able to protect 450 people for 24 hours against radiation.

It should survive nuclear explosion with a strength of 250 kt, hitting the vault at a speed of 300 m/s, at an incidence angle of 15 degrees. It is a concrete monolith with a circular floor plan (11 meters in diameter) and 1 meter thick walls.

There are two entrances on the surface - one civil and one military. Military entrance also contains decontamination and dosimetric rooms. Each of the entrances has a separate angled staircase, leading 10 meters below ground, to the first floor. Both staircases are turned against each other. There is also a lift inside of the vault with a load capacity of 250 kg.

Now the vault is under reconstruction, conducted by a group of enthusiasts. It is also available for the public, more information is available here (in Czech), and the Facebook group is here. The object is situated here.

First floor

Decontamination room, pressure chambers, emergency exits, air cleaning filters room, workroom

Second floor

infirmary, operating room, warehouses

Third floor

command room, low-voltage workroom, telephone exchange room

Fourth floor

lodging for protected people, washroom, warehouse - party floor now :-)

Fifth floor

lodging for protected people, washroom, warehouse - recently transformed to the museum of civil defense

Sixth floor

lodging for protected people, washroom, diesel engine room, diesel engine control room, drinking water reservoir (14 m3)

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